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Searching for Gr8ness

Updated: Jul 28

The Diary of a woman searching for Greatness.

I can still hear those words ringing in my head, "No one is going to fit in the dress for you. No one is going to sit in that doctor’s office for you. No one is going to get off meds for you. No one is going to beat obesity for you. No one is going to look in the mirror for you." That's when it hit me, it’s my body, it my choice, and my decision to either get fit, or get fat.

Day 1

I don't know about you, but there is nothing harder or even more embracing than realizing you are back to square one... Currently, Looking at the woman in the mirror... I can truly understand why people quit on their fitness journey. It seems like life can really get in the way. Especially if you know where you’ve been, and where your trying to go. It’s like realizing you took 1 step forward and 2 steps back. If I could be completely transparent, it’s tiring! The worst part, is trying to blame everyone and anyone in the world for your mishaps, but the only thing that is true... You're back to where you started and have no one to blame but yourself.

Have you ever looked at yourself? I’m mean really looked at yourself, and was mad that you let yourself go down that path again? No, I'm not just talking in fitness, but in anything. Well, I guess that’s where I’m at. Looking at the scale and just knowing that if I don’t take responsibility, then I'll turn on the TV to watch my own episode of my 600lb life. A great person once told me, if I want to see change, then I must be the change that I am looking for... hmmmm 🤔I wonder who that was. I going to share with you my personal steps to losing weight.

Steps to Losing Weight

  1. Set easy to obtain short term goals: The importance to have a short-term goal that’s not just simple but actual achievable because it allows you to stay on track of your weight loss goals. For example, one of my short-term goal is to not eat past 8pm. This will allow me to remain conscience of not only what I eat, but what time I am eating.

  2. Celebrate your small accomplishments: How many times have you lost a pound, or even went down a dress size, but fail to praise ourselves for a job well done. Instead we are upset that we haven't hit our goal weight and eventual give up all together. Now it time to celebrate. Buy a dress, take a selfie... prove to yourself you are proud of yourself!!

  3. Love the skin you're in: The most important step of all..... is love the skin you're in! I love getting dress and looking sexy in everything I wear, and sometime gaining weight really does mess with your ability to feel sexy, so I just want you to know that it’s okay to fake it until you make it. Grab a sexy outfit and strut your stuff. The world is your runway, so each time you get up... smile, and get as sexy as you want...Act as if your life depended on it.... because it does🤗!

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